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Drainage Engineers

Drainage engineers will asssist you with blockages that stop your sewage, water or toilet water from draining freely from your home or business premises.

Drains are underground pipes that take the water away from houses and buildings. Most homes have separate drains for rainwater and wastewater. The owner is responsible for checking their property has the right drain connections. If your property has the wrong drain connections, you could be causing water pollution.

Clogged up drains can be very problematic since they prevent waste water from leaving your property and if not sorted out quickly enough can end up becoming very unpleasant and smelly and in the worst case if left untreated water can come back up into your sink or toilet and flood your home. This can be messy, stinky, and cause property damage.

It’s best to clear a blocked drain asap.

If detected early enough; a blocked drain can usually be cleared quite easily , it’s time to call the us and get professional help from us.

Commercial premises, there is a 2hr minimum charge.

A few signs that your drains are blocked are if:

  • Your bath or sink is emptying much more slowly than usual
  • There’s a bad stinky smell coming from the drains
  • You’re finding it difficult to flush the toilet and when you do flush the water rises and overflows onto the floor.

Contact Us if you need assistance of a drainage engineer.

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